Boy Scout Troop 168
Oregon, Wisconsin

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Welcome to the Boy Scout Troop 168 web site.  Our troop is a member of the Glacier's Edge Council and is chartered to proudly operate a program of the Boy Scouts of America.


New Troop Website
The NEW Troop website can be found at TROOP 168. Continue to sign up for activities on the old website.

Current and Upcoming Merit Badges
Family Life Merit Badge - EAGLE REQUIRED
Cycling Merit Badge - EAGLE REQUIRED
Fingerprinting Merit Badge
Medicine Merit Badge

Eagle required Merit Badges
Merit Badge Last offered Next offering
First Aid 2012 ...
Citizenship in the Community 2015 2017
Citizenship in the Nation 2016 2018
Citizenship in the World 2015 2017
Communications 2015 2017
Personal Fitness 2014 2016
Emergency Prep or Lifesaving Typically offered
at Summer Camps
Environmental Science Typically offered
at Summer Camps
Personal Management 2016 2018
Swimming, Hiking or Cycling 2016 2018
Camping Annually
Family Life 2014 2016
Cooking 2015 2017

30-day Calendar of Events  
Today is Wednesday May 23, 2018.

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